The Value Express Scripts Delivers

A prescription drug doesn’t work if it’s priced out of reach. Express Scripts fights to ensure clients and consumers have access to safe, effective and affordable medications and life-sustaining or life-saving therapies.

Who We Are

18k employees across 20 sites in the U.S.

3,500+ patient service advocates

Thousands of pharmacists, doctors and nurses with specialties by disease state

Working on Client Terms & Defending Consumer Wallets

Express Scripts offers clients multiple options to support the unique needs of their populations. Clients have complete control and flexibility to choose their specific benefit design, network and pricing structure. Employers, health plans, labor unions, government organizations and many others partner with us because of the significant value we create by:

  • Negotiating rebates and discounts from drug manufacturers and providing formulary management services
  • Negotiating reimbursement rates and reduced fees with thousands of retail pharmacies nationwide to create industry-leading pharmacy networks
  • Encouraging the use of generics, biosimilars and more affordable brand-name drugs
  • Managing high-cost specialty medications with high-touch clinical care coordination
  • Improving population health, reducing waste and increasing clinically appropriate medication adherence

Clients can use the savings we generate to reduce plan costs and insurance premiums, fund wellness programs, and deliver other benefits to their covered employees and dependents.

If we didn’t provide significant value for our thousands of partners, we wouldn’t exist.

Who We Serve

1 in 3 Americans

~2,300 commercial employers

40+ health plans & government employers

42 Medicare Advantage plans

15 Medicaid plans in 13 states

24 PBMs & wholesale market participants

Industry-leading and first-to-market innovations that matter

Patient Assurance Program

First in the industry to cap the cost of insulin at $25 for 30-day supplies

Copay Assurance Plan

$5 for generics & specialty generics, $25 for preferred brand drugs, $45 for preferred specialty brands under a client’s prescription drug benefit


Fully transparent client pricing model with 100% rebate and spread pass through – proven to drive lower drug trend & total medical costs


Expands rural health access via independent pharmacies – offering greater reimbursements and care services, while enhancing support with industry-first Independent Pharmacy Advisory Committee

Health Connect360

Performance-based clinical solution driving $399 PMPY1 and gaps-in-care closures 14x faster2

Embarc Benefit Protection

Makes multi-million dollar gene therapies more affordable with $0.99 PMPM flat fee and $0 out-of-pocket cost


Value-based program that saved clients $6.4B3 in 2022 through lower medical & drug costs

Driving better clinical outcomes for those we serve

Preventing thousands of incidents of stroke, heart failure and other serious health issues per year through our clinical programs

Driving >80% adherence rates4 across the majority of specialty therapeutic resource centers

Developing >2.4M safety interventions5, preventing adverse events and hospitalizations for patients each year

Express Scripts, a key part of The Cigna Group, provides critical value-added health services to meet the evolving needs of stakeholders across the U.S.