how pbms work

Express Scripts, and other PBMs, are essential partners across the drug supply chain – helping drive down drug spend and improve medication access for clients and customers

Today, high prescription drug costs are often incorrectly blamed on PBMs. But facts are facts: it is not PBMs but others in the supply chain, starting with pharmaceutical manufacturers, who are solely responsible for setting and raising drug prices. In fact, list prices have continued to significantly increase year-over-year.

Without PBMs, drug costs would go up…


per person annual savings for payers and patients1

For every $1

spent on their services, PBMs reduce health care costs by $102

$1 trillion

anticipated savings for plan sponsors and consumers from 2020-2029; saving Medicare Part D and Medicaid plans & beneficiaries $445B and $46B, respectively3

1 billion

anticipated number of medication errors PBMs will prevent over the next 10 years4

PBMs work behind-the-scenes to deliver value for clients and consumers — partnering seamlessly at every step of the drug supply chain

PBMs like Express Scripts help clients put money back into consumer wallets

PBMs keep other players in the drug supply chain in check. 

PBMs lower the cost of generics, branded and specialty drugs to deliver more savings and provide greater access to medications and lifesaving therapies for consumers and clients.